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Coaching & Mentoring for Creative People

I am an arts and crafts business coach mentoring online creative entrepreneurs on using the power of their originality to creative their dream business 

I help creative people to find your own unique path to pursue your dreams and do what you love with ease, speed and focused purpose, even if you don’t know how you can do this, or what you need to do next.

And I’ve been living from my creative purpose and in creative-based businesses for the last 20 years.

To get started, click the button below which takes you to a contact form where you can fill in your details to arrange a discovery call with me.

The call is an initial free conversation about where you are now in your life and where you want to be, and where we can explore whether coaching and mentoring is the right path for you to support you to reach your creative life or business goal.

There’s no obligation and no ‘hard-sell’ in the call – simply a no-obligation, honest exploration of the possibilities open to you.

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Transformational Coaching for Creative People (One-to-One)

Individual Coaching Support for Creative People to create Transformational Change (Personal Life or Business Focus)

  • 90 days of one-to-one bespoke coaching including weekly coaching calls
  • Unlimited WhatsApp, Messenger or email support and accountability throughout the 90 days
  • Creative activities to aid vision, clarity and to use as tools to facilitate ongoing change

Please contact me to arrange for an initial consultation.

£2750 (please ask about instalment payments)

Transformational Coaching & Mentoring for Creative People (Business and Personal Life Focus Group)

Group Coaching & Mentoring Support for Creative People to create Transformational Change (Personal Life Focus)

  • Weekly group direction and activities to aid vision, clarity and to use as tools to facilitate ongoing change
  • 90 days of group coaching including twice weekly live coaching calls
  • Start monthly together as a group
  • Access to your own intake group where we can support, encourage, and grow together

Please contact me to arrange for an initial consultation.

£1500 (please ask about instalment payments)

How to Teach Art and Craft Workshops and Courses Online: design, market, and teach your arts and crafts skills with ease, speed and focus

I help owners of arts and crafts businesses take their workshops and courses online so that you can generate income, stop the stressful roller-coaster of unpredictable sales, and grow your businesses through reaching more people online who are looking for your help.

In this 8 week online LIVE course, I show you how to:

  • Choose your workshop or course idea with success in mind
  • Design your content and how to confidently deliver it
  • Tech Bonus: Easy tech set up to teach effectively without investing £££££££’s
  • Set up a practical business structure so you can concentrate on teaching and creating
  • Establish a simple process to fill your workshop and course places
  • Create more for your students and grow your business


  • 8 Weekly LIVE group teaching topics – 6 modules PLUS final 2 weeks of ‘hot-seat’ coaching for individual questions  (all with video replays available)
  • Weekly LIVE coaching Q&A video call to address your specific questions
  • Start monthly together as a group where we can support, encourage, and grow together
  • Plus Daily Support within our Facebook Group for feedback on your ideas, content plans, tech questions, business and sales fundamentals, and more!

£250 (please ask about instalment payments)

creativity for personal coaching 

Creative Workshops: Tools for Your Life & Business Coaching

creativity for coaches

Tools For Coaches: Creative Workshops Facilitated for You

Training For Coaches: How to Hold Your Own Creative Workshops

Please Contact Sally to arrange an initial consultation about Coaching and Creative Coaching Workshops

Alternatively please call Sally on 07876593664 to arrange your consultation or email direct sally@the-creative-heart.com

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Sally Evans

Sally Evans

Coach, Mentor & Tutor

I have been in creative business for almost two decades as a Professional Photographer, Tutor & Creator before deciding to share my experience and knowledge of Personal Growth & Creative Business with others setting out on the journey of living a creativity-driven life

I began my journey into Coaching, Mentoring & Teaching during the pandemic, having realised some time ago that, while people come to me to learn a craft, there are often a more deep-rooted process of change either already happening or needing to happen.

Feeling unseen and unheard, lacking Self-Confidence, being creatively ‘stuck’, knowing there is an unfulfilled life-purpose calling, lacking clarity and direction…

…all real examples of why people have turned to being creative with crafts and art.

And where empowering creative people to make their own change to their life stories to create the life they dream of leading through working together using my bespoke mix of coaching, mentoring and teaching has been able to literally change lives.

Whilst I have been studying NLP as a path to a more formal coaching certification, I have learned most of skills through my own personal growth and business transformation.

Over three decades, I changed my life story away from an ‘accidental’ career in finance to professional photographer, craft tutor, and life coach/mentor specialising in working alongside creative people.

There is a whole book I could write on the internal and external shifts which had to occur to allow this to happen!

Here’s the biggest thing I learnt though.

It is 100% possible to create your own life story.

If you have immediately said to yourself ‘but I…’ then please know this: I am not living in a fantasy world where everything has been and is perfect. I live in a real world where I had a non-creative, ‘normal’ 9-5 job which I didn’t really enjoy but which provided for me as a single parent of my small family and which I felt trapped in, without a way which I could see to get out.

And I chose to change myself, my career and my life.

You can too.

My role as a coach, mentor and teacher is to support you through my listening, my honesty with you, and my compassion – supporting you in all the ways I know I can with all the tools and skills which I have available – so that you find your own path to change and to create your own life story.

“Our greatest legacy isn’t our dream, it’s the dreams we inspire in others.”


Creativity is who I am. Or at least who I want to be.
It’s a ‘place’ where I’m no longer defined by my roles of ‘Mother’, ‘Daughter’, ‘Sister’ ‘Wife’ or even ‘Friend’.
I am free.
The act of creating then becomes an adventure in to the unknown, where I continue to learn and explore. For me, it’s freedom.
And it’s the ultimate relaxation and stress relief.
Creativity is free and has no rules, so when you create with others, you are inevitably inspired by their discoveries and, in turn, you inspire them. It becomes a wonderful sense of community that feeds the soul. (Besides creative people, in my experience, are unfailingly kind and I like to be amongst kind people.)

Creative Teacher & Business Owner, From Creative Heart Group Business Coaching

Sally has been teaching Craft Workshops in-person and online since June 2018.

One year later, Sally was awarded the highest level Award from CraftCourses (the UK’s largest creative experience site) for consistently high student feedback.

CraftCourses’ Students’ Choice award ensures that course providers get recognised for their efforts in the teaching and practice of UK craft.

Sally is the proud owner of the Platinum Level Student’s Choice Award rated Excellent.

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Craft Courses Students

For Craft Workshops with Sally, Platinum Student Award Holder 2019-2021

Having come into contact with so many talented and creative people since I started my journey, I have found people who ‘get me’.
They understand how it feels to want to create something beautiful and to be able to share that.
To have like minded people encourage, support and cheerlead me means the world.
To be on the receiving end of so much positivity only encourages me to keep going and believing in myself.
Being able to tap into and develop my creative side has allowed me to work from home, be in control of what I do and make decisions about where I take my business and therefore my future.
I’m not held back by processes or a rigid work environment and I no longer feel the need to ‘conform’ to what someone else’s business requires of me but rather be the captain of my own ship.
Tricia Williams

Handmade Jewellery Business Owner, Creative Heart Student & Individual Business Coaching Member

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