Membership & Other Questions

Do you do trial Memberships?

We do not offer a trial Membership period, except if we have a special offer in the future at some point…

BUT we do offer a refund if you cancel your Membership within 14 days of the start of your Membership – you don’t have to give us a reason and you can even cancel yourself from within your Membership Account.

You will then need to conatct us at sally@the-creative-heart.com to request a refund which will be processed asap from receipt of your email request, normally within 24 hours.

Please allow at least 24 hours BEFORE the end of your subscription period if you decide to cancel.

If you cancel too close to the end of the subscription period, it is possible your payment may already have started the process so please cancel in plenty of time.

If you have paid through PayPal, you can also cancel your subscriptions through your PayPal dahsboard.

We cannot be held liable if you cancel after the payment process has begun for your subscription and this results in charges for your bank account, payment card, or in any other way. So please cancel in plenty of time prior to your subscription renewal.

Do you sell kits?

No, not at this time. We may do some for special events or Craft-a-long sessions though.

What's the difference between Workshops, Craft-a-Longs and Q&A sessions?

Workshops are a bit faster paced and generally you’ll be best to grab a cup of tea plus a notebook and pencil, and watch the Workshop through live.

This way you will be able to ask questions and take notes if you wish while you concentrate on watching and learning during the Workshop.

The replay recordings will be available a day or so after the live session so you can follow along in yur own time and revisit any parts of the Workshop which you would like to see again.

Craft-a-Longs are designed for you to gather up your craft equipment and supplies in advance of the session (we will let you know what you’ll need and pointers to suppliers if you need them). Then you can follow along with the Tutor as they demonstrate and create!

You’ll still have opportunities to ask questions and the video recordings will be made available for replay within a day or two of the Craft-a-Long session.

Q&As are designed to answer your craft and creative questions, dilemmas, supplier recommendations, feedback requests, and more! All with a Tutor to host the Q&A and the Creative Community to help answer questions too.

You’ll be asked to submit any questions ahead of time, there may be a specific Q&A topic, and there will still be opportunity for live questions. 

Do you do classes for children?

No, we do classes just for adults. Although we are thinking about holding some Family Friendly Creativity Sessions for our Members which they can attend with their children or grandchildren in school holidays.

We do take bookings for private Online Craft Parties for Birthdays, Hen-Do’s, and other celebrations which family members of all ages can join in with, and can offer HomeEd groups some sessions (subject to minimum numbers etc).

Private sessions are separate from Membships and cost depends on a number of factors such as the number of people attending, the time length of the session, whether craft supplies are included, etc

If you’d like to consider a private Online Craft Celebration, please email sally@the-creative-heart.com in the first instance so we can have a chat about what you are looking to do.

Do you do private online Craft Parties for groups?

Yes. They are separate from Membships and cost depends on a number of factors such as the number of people attending, the time length of the session, whether craft supplies are included, etc

Please contact sally@the-creative-heart.com in the first instance and we can discuss what you would like to do.

Can I share my Membership?

Membership is for one person only please.

If you are happy for your family members to watch alongside you during live sessions, then please feel free to share the ‘watching’ experience.

We will only be able to assist one individual with craft queries, feedback, questions during Q&As, and with technical issues – and that should be the person whose name is on the Membership.

Can I Gift a Membership?

Yes you can Gift a Membership to another person.

At the moment, please contact us before purchase and we can help set that up with you, and provide a Gift Voucher too.

In the future, we should have a facility to buy and gift Memberships automatically but it is currently a work in progress.

If you are looking to transfer your Membership to another person, this is unfortunately not possible due to the issues this would cause with data and how that is handled for data protection, as well as agreements regarding subscription payments etc.

Please cancel your Membership and arrange for the other person to register for their own membership.

How long does my Member subscription continue?

Your Membership continues until you cancel and your payments will continue on a recurring basis (monthly or annually) until cancellation.

Your Membership will be active until your Membership subscription period ends, at which point your Membership access will end.

How do I cancel my Membership?

You can cancel your Membership from within your Account section, accessible from your Dashboard when you are logged in.

Your Membership will expire on the last day of your current subscription period, after which you will not be able to access the Members Only material.

If you are having difficulty cancelling from within your Account, please email sally@the-creative-heart.com and we will help you to cancel.

Will I have access to the Workshops, Courses, and Events after my Membership has ended?

No, your access to the Member material will end when your Membership finishes.

If you have downloaded notes or other material made available to you during your Membership, you will be welcome to continue to keep and use those notes for your own personal use for as long as they are useful to you.

Videos and other presentations are not, and should not, be downloaded, recorded, or otherwise be duplicated for use after your Membership.

Can I record or duplicate any material from this website (as a Member or a non-Member)?

No you cannot. Not in any circumstance.

Can I use the material, images, video or any other content from this website (as a Member or non-Member) to to teach from or resell?

No. Absolutely not. Not under any circumstance whatsoever.

Can I sell any of the items which I create using the patterns and/or instructions given on this website?

Yes. They are your creations.

If you would like to give us a credit or link back to where you learnt the skills or obtained the pattern then that would be really nice.

Please link to: www.the-creative-heart.com


Got a question which is not answered here? Please Contact Us and we will be happy to help